2021 September - 2023 July

Senior Designer & Ambassador

Full-time designer and brand ambassador taking on sales, client meetings, support and bringing up to reality client's ideas via strategical design and development implementation. I have overseen planning of such projects to fit in client's wishes, handshake deals and have covered services such as the entire creative digital suite, probably minus sound creation.

loyall.co wilde.amsterdam sendtodeliver.nl
2018 October - 2021 September

Senior Designer & Consultant

Full-time leading designer, responsible for the company's image, where I designed all the current websites, applications, product selection and brand catalog by bringing all brands in a unison.

priocity.com prioticket.com
2017 June - 2018 March

Visual Designer & Illustrator

Junior designer, responsible for banner creation, flyers, presentations and helped design the vision and direction of the business by partaking in companies meetings on a small scale.

2017 January - 2018 January

Visual Designer & Consultant

Junior designer, responsible for banner creation, flyers, presentations and video editing for events and activities within the university of choice.

2015 September - 2019 June

Bachelor Of Industrial Design Engineering

The Hague University of Applied Sciences.

2013 December - 2018 February

Freelance Designer

I have participated mostly in logo design competitions (over a 500), then moved up the ladder with Web Designs, T-Shirt designs, Stationery, and later I took on full branding projects (over 60 projects). Only after, the term of being a UX/UI designer started to make a lot more sense to me, & I have had the luck to meet amazing clients that kept me on their journey of exploration with their brands and websites.






By creating a new sitemap, easier to be understood by their target group, depooter required a full rebranding and new website. While the new rebranding was done by Today, my job was to implement that new design together with the new strategical sitemap catered uniquely to depooter.


Priocity App

In order to fight the pandemic, Prioticket has asked me to develop and design a city app. The project is under development, but screens of the prototype can be found in the link bellow.

prototype priocity.com


It was a personal project that acted as a test to increase my following on Instagram and improve my visibility on social media. I have taken pictures of naked bodies under a projector to create visually beautiful lines that define the human body. I have a board pinned on Pinterest.


Locus MSF

A 3D printed drone for a school project. It was the first project from The Hague University of Applied Sciences that has met its target goal on Kickstarter. I condoned the project as the project leader, and it brought my team a maximum grade!

@locus.msf kickstarter.com